Yokahoma’s Released The ADVAN Sport and Neova, Their Latest Ultra-High Performance Tire

Yokohama ADVAN Neova

When it comes to good tires on the road, nothing beats a good, ultra-high performance tire. These tires come with industrial grade quality and can tear through any kind of terrain and really keep you going on the road. For instance, there is a brand of ultra-high performance tire by Yokohama that is currently very popular. It is the ADVAN Sport V105 and the ADVAN Neova AD08. These tires feature race-inspired engineering that drastically improve their grip as well as their traction. The ADVAN V105 is the successor of the V103 and was tested at Nurburgring. The ADVAN Neova AD08 R provides improved performance and works well even in wet conditions. That is what ultra-high performance tires so great are that they are not only good in dry, normal conditions but can also outperform other tires no matter the condition or situation. These are racing tires that are made to handle the road when enhanced grip is necessary and even comes with orange oil technology that enhances the adhesion of the tires to road surfaces.


Yokohama has always been a trusted brand in the world of vehicles and it continues to push out high quality products day in and day out. These two tires are brand new products that are becoming known for their performance and have been available since July 7th, 2013. That orange oil technology mentioned early in the article is a new type of technology that really enhances adhesion that has not been seen before on the road. The AD08 R tire was made specifically to handle the dry and wet conditions and it truly can handle either or. These tires were designed with races in mind, and the tires can really help cut down on lap times and anyone just looking to tear up a long, open road as if it were a track. The wide shoulders of either tire provide constant contact with the road which allow you to corner better than ever before. Right now, there are only 10 sizes but there will be more eventually that will become available; the count will increase to 37 then. The AD08 R size range will go from 15 to 19 inches.


As you can see, not only is Yokohama a good brand but these are very good performance tires that were made to last the test of time, increase the durability of you vehicle as a whole, and provide a wealth of uses as well as the ultimate driving experience.