The Design and Purpose of the Muffler


When it comes to mufflers, a lot of people base the power on how it sounds. When you hear a loud vehicle coming from up the road, you assume it is made of power because of how loud the muffler is or even how big it is.



This may all be the ploy of some advertising campaign and may really have nothing to do with providing a great amount of power at all. It is up to you to know the differences in what you are getting yourself into and to better understand the parts and the science behind them. Muffler manufactures every day make claim after claim about how great their product is and how they actually work, all for the sake of taking money out of your pocket. It is nothing worse than being misinformed about an expensive part that you may not even need to begin with. A lot of these claims from these manufactures do not even explain how their mufflers actually work and bring a difference to the performance of your car or truck.

The purpose of a muffler has three goals in mind. They are there to absorb and dissipate sound, to move exhaust gasses, and finally to maintain power and performance of the engine while still achieving the first two points above. It takes a great design and engineering of a muffler that can effectively contain, absorb, and dissipate noise pulses while also marinating power with cost efficiency, which is not an easy task. What is interesting is that performance mufflers do not add any extra power to your car when you install them; what they can do is help maintain more of the engine’s power than a stock muffler. The stock mufflers on vehicles have restrictive exhaust systems in order to keep the cars quiet and cost much less to the company manufacturing your vehicle than what an aftermarket one would do.

There is a lot more to understanding about mufflers and whether or not a purchase is right for you. If you only plan on keeping your vehicle on the road, then you may not want to buy a performance muffler. However, if you have a lot of opportunities on the track, you may want to invest in one but with the understanding that is will mainly maintain the power the vehicle already has, not output new power. Research and be informed the next time you want to buy an aftermarket muffler, as what you buy may not exactly be what you need.


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