The Chrysler Hellcat: More Powerful Than Ever Before

Dodge Hellcat

Nothing beats having a nice car for the open road. Men, and women, love their cars and to have a nice car is to have bragging rights among your friends. There is a car by Chrysler that is able to reach horsepower of around 825. It is the Hellcat and it has been dyno’d to reach these high horsepower, although it has been having some trouble meeting the required emissions at the advertised 707 HP. What is interesting to note is that the 707 horsepower number is not only conservative, but it seems to not have any trace of validity either. Other dyno tests put the Hellcat at around 720 HP and even other sources claim the average someone should expect is 630 HP. For a supercharger inside of a small car, that is plenty of HP to go around. No one would probably come close to using all the power that is packed in the Hellcat anyway.


Chrysler has been said to have been testing the Hellcat engine with a Mazda MAF, which is mass air flow, sensor and also a wideband O2 sensor. It should be pointed out, however, that neither of these items has been used by Chrysler. Chrysler uses a MAP, which is a manifold absolute pressure, sensor in order to figure out the density of air coming into the engine, but the Hellcat is being used as a somewhat future testing ground for Chrysler to try out MAF-based systems. This is all interesting and shows how groundbreaking it can be for a car maker to branch out and how they try other things.


It is cool to note that there may even be more superchargers to come in the future. Very small, economy-car class engines are being used as a way to get the fleet of MPGS up. In this way, Chrysler can make powerful, small efficient engines instead of always expecting them in big, powerful muscle cars. It is always fascinating when you get into the conversation of supercharging other things; supercharging an engine like the MultiAir could and should provide really col results, and also it would be interesting to see it on an entry-level car. Entry level cars do not normally involve superchargers and air-flow technology within their engines; Chrysler seems to be trying to break the mold here.


In the future, you should note all of these changes happening within the car industry. People are looking for more ways to break new ground each and every day. Whether it be for supercharging or finding better ways to keep your engine cool, and whether it is even Chrysler or not and involving the Hellcat, the automobile industry keeps taking leap forwards and we should all be grateful for the opportunity.


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