Sylvania Automotive LED Lighting: ZEVO’s To Light The Way

ZEVO Lighting

SYLVANIA has just released their new line of automotive lighting equipped with SYLVANIA ZEVO Automotive LED lights. This not only increases the visibility of the vehicle by bringing a much higher light-emitting bulb into the equation, but also allows users to see further into the distance, preventing accidents and saving lives. This line of lighting can be added in the aftermarket to a variety of high-tech cars, making it perfect for anyone who is looking to upgrade the lighting that the car they have purchased is equipped with.


As technology progresses, so do the possibilities for innovation in the automotive industry. Automotive LED Lighting was invented years ago, but was never really perfected, as the lights tend to block the vision of other drivers that are in the oncoming lane. This new line of lights strives to avoid this, as LED lights should provide the driver and passengers with a sense of safety, rather than creating hazardous situations. This is completed by allowing the use of a glare-free shell for the LED bulbs, which cut down on the amount of light that is reflected into oncoming driver’s eyes. This also cuts down on the amount of feedback that you bulb receives, causing your headlight and taillight shells to remain clearer for longer.


The SYLVANIA ZEVO line of automotive lighting comes with a unique system that allows for daytime running light in the fog, sealed beam retrofits (7-inch round, H6024 replacement,) a daytime running light pipe, and pixel designs for the lights that do not require a switch to operate. In addition, there are retrofit light sources for the shell of the light, applicators for use on the map and license plate, and an ambient light for the interior of the car that operates wirelessly. All of these addition allow users to enjoy the comfort of bright white LED lights both inside and outside of the car, while ensuring that the safety of their families will be upheld. Of course, some LED lights are not street legal, but this new line of products stays within the regulations that have been set out, in order to ensure that each and every vehicle using these LED lights is within the legal limits.


If you are looking for LED lights for your vehicle, use the latest technology and check out this new line of products for incredible, bright white LED automotive lights.

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