DC Sports: For All Your Performance Racing Needs

DC Sports

There are plenty of places out there to receive great service and performance parts for whatever your racing needs may be. One company, DC Sports, hope you will choose them for those said needs. DC Sports was founded in order to provide car models with the performance parts necessary to get the job done.


Throughout the 1990s, they were synonymous with Honda and Acura in providing those cars with performance until the 2000s when they began expanding into other sport compact platforms and providing their services for other makers and models. They are known for providing their parts for some of the most popular sport compact vehicles in the world. Throughout their life span, they provided intake kits, engine work, and other performance tweaks while still maintaining their roots in the racing world. It was in 2004, however, that they were purchased by AEM, Advanced Engine Management, which is a leading manufacturer of performance parts specializing in air induction and electronics for the sport compact and truck/SUV markets. Staying true to the DC Sports brand, Advanced Engine Management continued providing special performance parts throughout the industry, provided makers with the very best in exhaust products, and even developed a strong connection to motorsports as a whole for the brand.


DC Sports provide plenty of intake systems, such as cold air, short ram, and even parts that you may need replaced. They also provide different types of exhausts, such as axle-back, cat-back, and universal. They provide different race parts for competition and race headers. Suspension braces can also be found on their site in the form of upper strut bars, front and rear, and chassis under brace. Their competition parts are compatible with a lot of factory components and require no special modifications, they are dyno tuned and tested to make sure they output maximum performance, and they are even available in 100% 304 polished stainless steel, which includes the flanges.


Also, whether you drag race, road race, or just trying to set land speed records, their race headers is useful for any type of occasion. They improve ground clearance, are dyno tested of make sure they are ready for the competition, but are for off-road use only. You can apply these parts and products to a number of different makes and models. DC Sports has long been a trusted name in the industry; now you will be able to see why when you give them a try for your next purchase.

For more information on DC Sports, please go to http://www.dcsports.com.