Boomba Racing: Performance For A Lifetime

Boomba Racing

When it comes to racing, you need the best parts imaginable. There are plenty of different manufacturers out there but one such company located in Wood Dale, Illinois really sets the bar. They are called Boomba racing and they have been providing racing parts and manufacturing performance in car parts for several years.


They were privately labeling them since 2004 but now they are able to market their products under their own name. Engineers that use state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling software are the creative geniuses behind the Boomba racing products and parts. There are plenty of different parts that Boomba racing manufacture, such as motor mounts, shifter base bushings, shift knobs, and pulley kits and each part attributes to amassing performance and solid engineering that can only be guaranteed by this company. Boomba racing makes these products under their own roof and use top of the line computer numerical controlled machinery.


They even make prototype parts that they are able to test on real cars before they ever reach a vehicle on the road. This ensures a level of quality and assurance that is not seen by many other racing manufactures out there. They use the finest material and grade for their parts. During their production runs, they make sure to use skilled quality control units to carefully inspect every part. This type of strict supervision ensures that the manufacturing product is of the utmost in quality and enables Boomba racing to deliver top quality products at great bargain prices.


They offer a wide range of brands besides just Boomba Racing Inc. also. From their website, you can purchase products made by Wilwood, Seibon, PLX, Eibach, AEM, Injen, Stoptech, TEIN, Cobb, and more. They just want to ensure that while you are on the road and while you are browsing their site, you receive the best of what you can afford and can find everything you could want in performance racing under the same umbrella. Boomba Racing provides services too, such as installations, repairs, engine builds, transmission service, electrical, fabricating, and dyno testing and tuning.


They are a one-stop shop kind of business that wants to not only provide you with particular parts and performance enhancements but make sure they work and stay top-notch too. So the next time you are in the market and need great, performance parts at a very good price, make sure to stop at Boomba Racing Inc. first, as it may be the last place you need to go for whatever you seek.

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