The Doomsday S-10: A Cataclysmic Vehicle


When people talk about Doomsday, many people think about the end of the world or some other sort of cataclysmic event taking place. However, when we talk about Doomsday, we are referring to the Doomsday machine, or the Doomsday S10. This vehicle is a car, or even could be considered a truck also, built from a 1998 Chevy S-10 regular cab pickup featuring the factory steel cab, steel doors, which is only for street use, and the steel bedsides that are wrapped around an SFI-certified chassis.


The Doomsday S-10 comes with a lot of power that stems from a Pro Line-built 620ci, 5-inch bore-spacing Brodix big block Chevy-based aluminum engine with Brodix heads and twin turbos. This gives it more than enough power to necessary to do any sort of street activity, or just make it a powerful machine on the road. The power is fed by a pair of 98mm-inducer Precision Turbo Gen 2 Pro Mod chargers. Intercoolers are unnecessary because the alcohol cools in the intake charge. This alcohol is used on the drag strip to help further reduce the cooling, as that is the only place that would truly need an intense amount of coolant to keep the engine under control and overheating.

What is interesting about the Doomsday S-10 is that it has two fuel systems. When you are on the street, the engine burns gasoline supplied by twin Aeromotive in-tank electric pumps, feeding 220 pounds per hour Precision injectors and 550 pounds per hour Precision injectors of the intake manifold. When you switch it to driving on the race track, the engine burns absolutely nothing but alcohol that is supplied by a belt-driven Aeromotive fuel pump. This is an interesting mix of machinery that is not normally seen by a lot of other cars on the road or race track, including unique vehicles such as concept cars or special cars.

The point of the Doomsday S-10 truck is to remove a lot of the parts that could be deemed “unnecessary” on the drag strip. You want as little machinery as possible so that you can go as fast for as long as possible without the interference of being tied or dragged down by unnecessary parts. You can remove the gasoline fuel cell, ump, and fuel filter mounted in the bed of the truck. Even the radiator could get removed. This makes the Doomsday S-10 truly a vehicle of marvelous proportions.

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