Cars With Turbos: Why Do They Take So Long To Stage


Turbo cars are a very fun car to drive and they can really be a showstopper no matter what you take them to. Some people have dreams to always drive these vehicles and really feel that power behind the wheel. Turbo cars are a type of car that also show up at the drag strip and can really bring a crowd. However, at these shows, people have some concerns as to why turbo cars take so long to stage at the starting line. Usually, it is all about the spooling of turbos.

If you do not know what spooling means, spooling means getting the turbine and compressor wheel to spin fast enough so that it builds to the desired level of boost you need in the intake in order to launch properly. The turbine in turbo cars are spun by the heat and rate of expansion of exhaust gasses, which in turns spins the compressor wheel that builds boost that is crammed into the engine’s intake manifold.  This is all a fancy way of saying turbo cars do not seem to possess the necessary machinery to take off as quick as the car next to it.

Some cars do this a lot better than turbo cars, but there are some turbo cars that have been custom fitted to launch correctly. Some have even made their turbo cars do it with scary amounts of power. Putting nitro and other sorts of custom work onto your turbo car can certainly allow you to achieve the desired power in order to stage at the drag strip starting line, but it can be dangerous and some people look at it as a means of showing off or doing unnecessary work to your car. Turbo cars have a lot of pros and cons to them but until the machinery is worked out, they will continue to struggle to stage when it is time for them to start.

One thing turbo cars seem to do more than others at the starting line is misfire while taking off. It can make a lot of banging and popping noises and sometimes even shoot fire from the exhaust. After all of this violent display, the car will begin to take off from the starting line. They need a lot of work to be able to compete with other cars from the starting line, but they are on their way of doing it.